Manufacturers of Custom Engineered Machinery   



Innovative engineering solutions are essential for today's state-of-the-art facilities and products. Advanced Design Industries (ADI) is an engineering and design powerhouse. From concept to production, Advanced Design Industries specializes in providing the necessary skill for your engineering, design and manufacturing needs. Our engineering specialists work collaboratively with clients to achieve responsive designs and integrated systems so we can create flexible, efficient, and cost effective solutions. Advanced Design Industries has a full service industrial and military design department specializing in product design and development, prototype development, cost reduction, analysis, manufacturing and automation. Compliance to industrial, military, automotive, or special customer standards, Advanced Design Industries provides a flexible platform of service to all of our customers.

As a result of our vast experience in all disciplines of engineering, Advanced Design Industries  can cross-pollinate technologies from one area of design to another. Employing the latest Computer-Aided-Design software such as AutoCAD and Solid Works, our engineers provide services to our customers that are efficient and productive. The end result is a more creative, cost effective solution and a happier customer.